What We Do

Our integrity in delivering service propositions has become a tradition that precedes us, we
greatly value offering alternative solutions in shipping and trading to exceed expectations in our
service offerings; to remain resilient and responsive to the ever-changing environment in our
industry and the global economy as a whole.
Our unrivaled essence of service quality has empowered us to excel in rooting strategic
relationships in the local market and beyond. We inform our customers about their cargo and/or
ships daily and go even beyond that to become reachable and accessible to our clients at all times

Ships Agency

Being a premier leader in the Jordanian shipping market, we pride ourselves in possessing the
required expertise to continuously attend to our charterers’ vessel’s needs fully, faultlessly and flexibly.

In addition, we capitalize on our strong working relationships with all sectors of the shipping
business market from agents to ports and terminal reps in order to secure the most efficient
means to transport cargo.

Certainly, we focus primarily on full transparency in our cargo handling and vessel attendance
services; we have been, are and will continue to be your world class first choice for full cargo
ship agency attendance, including all required arrangements be it governmental,
customs-related, documentations and survey inspections, bunkering, crew attendance, spare
parts availability and the required security arrangements.


Petra Navigation has historically been experienced in dry cargo chartering, from heavy lift to
bulk vessels. We managed several MNC’s projects in the local market, with full representation
and project execution.

We are confident in continuously spreading our reach to ship owners around the globe as we
always have the solution for your shipments by finding the most suitable vessel at the right time with a fair value price.

Freight Forwarding

We are proud to be one of the leading companies in the Jordanian market specialized in providing export, import and cross shipping services. Petra is your best guide to facilitate the movement of your goods whether related to government, military or private tenders. Our ultimate priority is to guarantee safe transportation of your shipments to any place in the world in due time.

Ocean Freight

Our strong track record has allowed us to confidently handle and ship all volumes of commercial cargo shipments through sea. We have proven time and again to successfully complete the job seamlessly for all your regular loads and we are committed to provide our customers with the fastest and most comprehensive options for Reefer, Out-Of-Gauge and Ro/Ro shipments. We have been a top grade car transporter in the local market for Ro/Ro imports from South Korea namely and up till today we have exceeded an import volume of fifty thousand cars.

Air freight

At a single point of contact, our air freight shipments have no size or weight restrictions, since
we offer the wide spectrum of air freight modes including daily consolidations of cargo, door to door, airport to door, hand carry services, direct back to back express services and customs
clearance services.

Land freight

Our wide spread network of top carriers own a fleet of trucks and state-of-the-art equipment to handle your cargo with care and efficiency. We truly trust our suppliers and we foster a
long-term relationship with our providers. Quick, trustworthy and flexible; our optimized
transport plans and extensive daily monitoring and measurement tasks has advanced our speed and quality of service.

Third Party Logistics Solutions (3PL)

To attend to your supply chain needs efficiently and cost-effectively, we developed the required expertise of logistics management solutions. From project management to warehouse & distribution, we guarantee unmatched service offerings that are custom-made to fit your business environment.

Petra’s experience and seniority in the shipping sector allowed building strategic partnerships
with the best third party service suppliers to provide our clients customs clearing, warehousing, handling equipment, packing and re-packing services to ultimately facilitate the movement of cargo time and cost effectively.

General Trading

Petra has been an active player in the Jordanian commercial market, where many tenders were
awarded to Petra by local governmental agencies as well as multinationals corporations and
organizations as a validation of our market position and expertise in execution.

In 2003, Petra became the exclusive agent of Castrol Marine oils, which has been a commercial milestone for us in the regional lubricating oil market. Having sole representation of a global lubricant specialist trademark such as Castrol, we are challenged to optimize our performance quality and speediness of service.

With operations coverage involving the Jordanian and Egyptian market, our team of experts
capitalize on Castrol’s extensive network daily; to make sure that products are ordered and
delivered completely and timely on board the ships, which has enabled us to supply over !!! liters of oil to more than !! ships in the Red Sea region during the course of the past 15 years. Petra has persisted in meeting set goals with optimal service standards (!! Mention any awards from Castrol, customers..).

Jotun paints joined our commercial portfolio for supplies of paints and marine coatings specially manufactured for unique conditions. Petra is the distributor of Jotun paints in the Jordanian and Egyptian market, where an extensive customer base is established by Petra to provide full-fledged services in the utmost quality.